CLIMATE AND EMPLOYMENT PROOF OUR WORK 22 September 2021: Take part in the global conversation about our future

We are in a race against time to respond to climate change, which left unchecked threatens everyone and will leave whole regions uninhabitable. Extreme weather events with lasting devastation are already destroying jobs and livelihoods.

We know that jobs and employment are serious concerns for people, that’s why we need to have the conversation about both climate and employment.

On September 22, take part in the biggest global conversation about our future: join the Global Day of Action to Climate and Employment Proof our Work. #CEPOW

Workers around the world will invite their employers to discuss plans for resilience and sustainable business —plans which must include safety, jobs, emissions and a secure pathway for the future.

Let’s work together and design a future with secure jobs, sustainable economies, and a safe and healthy living planet.

Are you ready to climate and employment proof your work? Then follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up to get updates about the Global Day of Action.
  • Download the “Climate and Employment Proof our Work” guide. Get your Global Day of Action campaign pack for all the information and tools on this campaign.
  • Ask to talk to your employer, a local business or someone from your local or national government on 22 September. Let us know if you ask for a meeting, and we will keep a tally of all places around the world taking part in the Global Day of Action. Your meeting can be in person or a virtual meeting using an online platform like Skype, Teams, Whats App, Zoom.
  • Tell us how it went. Share a photo/video of your in person or virtual meeting and the highlights of what was discussed.

Want to do more? There are a number of ways to get involved:

  • Spread the word: get your friends, colleagues, unions involved in the Global Day of Work Action! Stick up a poster at your workplace or in your home or post a sharegraphic on social media with the hashtag #CEPOW.
  • I’m in ✓: show others that you’re part of the global conversation to Climate- and Employment-Proof Our Work with our customisable poster.
  • Follow us: get the latest updates on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram page and use the hashtags #CEPOW.
Global warming - Global surface temperature will continue to increase up to 4ºC, where adaptation may not be possible.
CO2 emissions - Extreme weather events are destroying jobs and livelihoods. They will keep growing in strength and frequency unless we cut CO2 emissions by 55% by 2030
Hothouse earth - Glaciers are retreating almost everywhere around the world, and they will continue to lose mass at least for several decades even if global temperature is stabilised.
Rising sea levels - Global sea levels will rise up to 6 meters if warming is limited to 2°C and it will remain irreversible for centuries.
Refugees and displaced people – Each year, 20 million climate refugees flew from disaster and have lost livelihoods.
Climate change and public health – At 1.5C degrees of warming in Europe alone around 30,000 will die annually due to heat.
ITUC Global Poll 2020 - 79% of people think employees should have a right to know what measures their company are planning to climate-proof jobs and workplaces.

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