Tell the IOC: ensure protection for ALL taking part in and attending the Beijing Winter Olympics

The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, China – a country ruled by an increasingly repressive party. The sports of the Olympics have rules, but the Chinese Communist Party has shown that it has little or no respect for international laws and standards.

The ITUC has identified five repressive policies of the ruling party that make China and the world unsafe — the “five rings of repression” that are strangling freedom and rights for many millions of people.

Add your name to the petition below and, together, let’s send an unmistakable message to Dr. Thomas Bach, President of the IOC: ensure that the Winter Olympics will not contribute to oppression and human rights violations.

President Bach:

The International Trade Union Confederation is increasingly concerned about the repressive policies of China’s ruling party and the risks for athletes, support workers, Olympics staff, and other people during the Beijing Olympic Games.

Human and labour rights in China have between further constrained since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and we have seen the Chinese ruling party engaged in:

  • Repression and imprisonment in Hong Kong;
  • Intimidation of LGBTI+ people;
  • Violations of fundamental rights at work, in supply chains and in society;
  • Repression and exploitation of ethnic minorities; and,
  • Silence and obstruction over the spread of COVID-19.

In light of this, it is vital that the IOC and its partners take concrete steps to ensure protection for all those taking part in and attending the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Find out more, read our report China: "A gold medal for repression"

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