With a new CEO, it’s the perfect opportunity to set a new direction for Amazon.

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Dear Mr Jassy:

As you start your new job as CEO of Amazon, here are 3 key things you should do to improve the workplace and working conditions within the company:

  • Treat workers as humans: From ending surveillance of workers to ensuring they have adequate breaks, putting a stop to brutal productivity quotas and calling time on the practice of punishing workers for taking too long on tasks.
  • Respect for workplace democracy and unionization: Amazon should give workers a greater voice by allowing workplace democracy and respecting the rights of workers to unionise, rather than engaging in intimidation campaigns.
  • Collective bargaining: Amazon must engage in good-faith collective bargaining with the workers’ elected representatives to negotiate fair wages and safe working conditions to create decent jobs and respect workers’ dignity.

Amazon’s mission statement says it wants “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company,” and as an Amazon Prime customer I urge you to listen to your customers.

As the new Amazon CEO you have the chance to change Amazon’s reputation by changing the policies and practices above to demonstrate greater respect for your workers.

I hope you’ll hear and act on these requests from those of us — customers and workers — who are the key to Amazon’s success.

Your sincerely,
Amazon workers and customers

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